Billy Bones Club

Made by the Club, for the Club.


Well we're all about the finer things in life, music, festivals, late nights, kick ons, mates, art, skating, surfing, bad tatts, good mexican and everything in between.

We're trying to create a different culture. A no drama culture that paints life for what it is, beautifully imperfect.
A world that celebrates quality people and real experiences, nothing pretentious, no drama, just bare bones.

So to put it simply, we're a brand, a community, and we're made for the people who wear us.

We will always be a tight club, making rad things for people who share these values.
And now you're a part of the club we say welcome, and stay bad to the bones baby.


Outside of stitching beanies, how does Billy spend his days?
Take a dive and find out below.

Billy Loves Music

There’s only 1 rule at the Club, always go front left!

When he’s not busy at the Club House you might catch Billy off his rocker on a Thursday at a Melbourne pub gig. 

Nothing makes us prouder than supporting Aussie music, whether it’s through Collab threads, putting on tours or throwing our own shows. We’re always down to throw a band a bone and rock the F out while we’re at it!


Bones Fest 22'

Fancy getting Billy Boned with us? Everyone knows there ain’t no party like a Club Party. 

We’ve been known to have Friday knock offs until Sunday, and turn an all nighter in a weekenders. We through a festi for the Club and it went off. Tattoos, music, photoshoots and yep, heaps of drinks. Find out for yourself what happened at our very own Bones Fest.



Welcome to the Clubhouse.

Come in and check out our gallery from our launch night celebrations with the Club.

Sick Visuals ay

If there’s one thing we love, it’s when the sick visuals come on… sick photos and vids that is. 

Billy’s been known to get a bit trigger happy behind the camera, but only because of the legends that are normally in front of it. 


Above all else, Billy loves his mates. We’ve got some of the biggest legends to ever exist in this club, with more joining every day.

We’ve had hookups, break ups, make ups and dust ups in this little Club of ours, and we wouldn’t change a bloody thing!